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Find a DHL Service Point Location

Locate the nearest DHL Express drop box or SERVICE POINT to view opening hours and drop-off deadlines. Then simply drop-off or collect your shipment.

A quick and easy way to send a parcel

DHL Express Hungary Ltd. has introduced a new and exceptional convenient parcel shipping solution in Hungary.

DHL Service Points are located centrally and therefore easy to access for our domestic and international express services.

In our Service Points you can send your shipments whenever it is convenient for you to save time and money.

There is no need to queue at your local post office anymore, just go to your nearest DHL Service Point – the quick, easy to use and secure way to send packages and parcels to anywhere in the world.

Easy to find and easy to access

  • You will find a DHL SERVICE POINT in more than 30 stores stores throughout Hungary.
  • Convenient opening hours, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Easy to ship

  • Free packaging material - choose a robust, specially designed DHL box.
  • Free online parcel tracking service.

Easy pricing

  • The costs you will have to pay are dependant on the size of the package and the shipping destination. (Domestic, European Union or Rest of World document and parcel).
1. Find the nearest location for sending your shipments.
2. Choose a DHL box using our free packaging supplies available at the DHL SERVICE POINT.
  • Envelope: 275mm x 350mm: max weight 0.5kg
  • Box 3: 330mm x 310mm x 95mm: max weight 2kg
  • Box 4: 330mm x 310mm x 175mm: max weight 5kg
  • Box 5: 420mm x 345mm x 280mm: max weight 10kg
3. Pay for your shipment.
Domestic 1-2 Days
Envelope (0.5 KG max)1 5904292 019
Box 3 (2 KG max)1 5904292 019
Box 4 (5 KG max)1 5904292 019
Box 5 (10 KG max)3 4909424 432
European Union 1-3 Days
Envelope (0.5 KG max)8 9902 42711 417
Box 3 (2 KG max)14 9904 04719 037
Box 4 (5 KG max)23 9906 47730 467
Box 5 (10 KG max)34 9909 44744 437
Rest of world - Document 1-6 Days
Envelope (0.5 KG max)9 990n/a9 990
Box 3 (2 KG max)15 990n/a15 990
Box 4 (5 KG max)34 990n/a34 990
Box 5 (10 KG max)54 990n/a54 990
Rest of world - Parcel 1-6 Days
Envelope (0.5 KG max)13 990n/a13 990
Box 3 (2 KG max)24 990n/a24 990
Box 4 (5 KG max)34 990n/a34 990
Box 5 (10 KG max)54 990n/a54 990
All prices are in HUF.

How does it work?

DHL’s own outlets, the so called DHL EXPRESS CENTERS offer a convenient self service shipping option such as DHL SERVICE POINTS, but with different conditions.

In our DHL EXPRESS CENTER outlets you can use the whole range of products and services of DHL Express and can ship to all Hungarian zip codes as well as to 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Check DHL Express ServicesExternal Link

Service fee depends on the destination country, service type and size and weight of the shipment. Shipment weight and dimensions are measured and registered by our colleague at pickup.

We provide suitable packaging materials for your shipment, but you can use your own packaging as well. In the latter case please do not seal the package before shipping, as our colleague should make security check of the shipment.

Contact and opening hours

M5 Office Building
Address: 1097 Budapest, Fehárakác street 3.
Phone: 06 40 45 45 45
Opening hours: 09:30-18:00 on working days
Pick up time: 09:30-17:30 on working days

Bank Center Office Building

Address: 1054 Budapest, Szabadság square 7.
Phone: 06 1 374 0717
Opening hours: 09:30-18:00 on working days
Pick up time: 09:30-17:15 on working days

Thank you!
Tracking More Tracking Options
Cash only, easy pricing and convenient packaging options when shipping at DHL SERVICE POINTS.